Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blog Post: The Final Frontier

My VERY biased review of our assignments.

6) Freestyle- Although I love the creative freedom, I would have liked to have possibly spent the class time exploring another film outlet that is foreign to me.... like FLxER. (side note: thank you for sharing FLxER with us, as brief as it was) I felt like my final freestyle project was something I could have done before my gained knowledge from the class.

5) Rhythmic Edit- I loved loved loved the outcome of this project, just wished the difficulty was a little higher or harder. Weird I know. Maybe I am just crazy.

4) Anaglyph 3D- I truly liked this project. I only put it at #4 because the outcome wasn't my favorite. Group projects are challenging. I must say that this project is one that I got truly inspired from and will try to incorporate an experiment with.

3) Bolex Long Take-  Bowties are cool. Bolexs are cooler. Felt like I gained lots of knowledge about the camera (enough not to be scared of it). I like that I got to experiment with something completely foreign and mostly unattainable to me.

2) Muti-plane Animation- No elements of this project should be changed. I liked the creative freedom as well as the element of creating separate soundtracks.

1) Direct 16mm Film Manipulation- There is something so fascinating about playing and manipulating actual film stock. Felt we had creative freedom with structure. An experience I've already shared out of excitement with multiple humans. Learning+Enjoyment= happy college student.

Thank you Andre (and classmates ) for such a unique class experience!

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