Sunday, June 7, 2015

Captain's Log- Blog Six

The Rugged Theater

I found this discussion and reading very engaging and I want to expand on that dialog. In the Rough Theatre, there is this mention of finite "performance". A performance that adapts to its audience. They are not laughing at the high brow jokes- you add in a fart to get their attention. Film does not have this quality. A movie is a movie (unless you are at a rocky horror showing) and that movie doesn't adapt to fit the audience's demands. There is no choose your own ending or joke movie theaters.......yet. But with "experimental" / non-traditional filmmaking there is an adaptation aspect. Between the filmmaker and the medium. A filmmaker can approach the project in a traditional way, such as planning, storyboard, ect. But the medium is the master (or the audience). The ink doesn't dry correctly, the "one take" gets over exposed, wind blows off the paper sky of your stop motion animation,  the printer ink smears, and so on. The filmmaker (or performer) has to adapt his performance to continue the show. Side note: cameraless filmmaking can most definitely be a finite "performance" as one play through the projector is most likely all the filmstock can muster. Filmmaking may not have the same special interaction between performer and viewer, but it does have a interaction between a creator and the medium. This class has brought this to my attention and have made me realize that in the "film world" that I exist in, a finite film performance is a special rarity. No control Z, no After effects to fix a mistake, just a filmmaker and his paintbrush. 

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