Thursday, May 28, 2015

Captain's Log- Blog Five

My Experience with Cameraless Filmmaking

This project has been awesometacular!!! This was the project that I found most enticing on the syllabus and I was definitely not disappointed. I loved the hands on aspect of actually creating the film. I also enjoyed learning about  film and the film process itself. Dark rooming (is that even a term?) is very interesting. I found painting and inks to be my favorite techniques to work with and animation the most challenging (but also the most rewarding).  Yes, a fancy program can do all of these techniques in a third of the time, but I believe that the actual creation process adds value to the film. But maybe I'm just a hipster. Also programs just create artificial renditions of these techniques. Watching the film project was very rewarding (as well as stressful and anxiety enduing, I swear it was gonna break). It only played properly after we fixed how our reel was rolled, sorry Andre !!! (You even said there is always one group in every class... we were that one). I was surprised how much "abuse" the film stock could take. I never knew you could punch holes and paint with acrylics on film and it would still play! Guess I always thought of film as a delicate object that you handle with extreme care. I don't really see me using these techniques directly in my future projects (mostly because of lack of resources), but I can see it influencing my style. Especially the look of scratches, gain, and magazine/newspaper print. 

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