Monday, May 18, 2015

Captain's Log- Blog One

My personal response to the "hand-painting" film  (my unedited stream of consciousness)

  • Tempo of the images are pleasurable despite its often fast pace.
  • I found understandment despite the embarment of images. I could see the images but not recall them after.
  • Music starts as primary, my main focus, then moves to secondary, I forget it or zone it out. I think this is most likely due to its consistency vs. the images inconsistency.
  •  A roadtrip, journey, movement from one location to another
  • The colors are calming despite chaotic
  • The stopping of dancing scratches for "clearer" footage upset me, more like disturb my relaxed viewing.
  • Everything blended together despite my brain saying nope.
  • One thing leads to the next. Mixing
  • Pleasurable. Tranquil.

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