Thursday, May 21, 2015

Captain's Log- Blog Three

I found this week's "readings" to be quite thought provoking. The video "Listen" (starring the man with the fantastic hat), Acoustic Ecology, and the conversation with R. Murray Schafer (which I thoroughly enjoyed) both sparked the idea of stopping and not just hearing sounds but listening to them. Listening for those "drone" sounds. Such as in my room right now, if I wasn't pausing to direct my attention to my hearing I wouldn't hear my bunny munching on her dinner, or my fan that is constantly running, because those are my "every-night" sounds. The sounds are too boring for me to constantly acknowledge. Funny thing, when my friends come to stay, they often ask how can I sleep with such a loud, constant hum? It's my drone soundscape, so integrated into my life. I discovered or re-discovered these sounds during the "listen" ending. Sound regulation and copyisation (possible made-up word) intrigues me. I support the preservation of "natural sound environments" but I also support innovation, which unfortunately often is noisy. Sound "copyisation" is a topic that, I'm risking sounding uneducated here, is just plain dumb.  Justin Boyd seems to be a pretty innovative guy. Using his batman hearing and love of sound he explores and manipulate soundscapes. Filmmakers should approach creating film soundscapes with a similar passion. We as filmmakers are taught to use sound and the absence of sound to improve our narratives. We create fake noises and manipulate the crap out of sounds to create our false worlds. Perhaps, we should attempt to master the art of listening to natural soundscapes and strive to mimic it within our works, when possible and appropriate.

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