Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Captain's Log- Blog Two

Synesthesia / Cymatics


Plainly spoken, this is wicked awesome. Truly eye candy (and mind candy) as Mr. Grant states. It reminds of those necklaces/bracelets you can get that are plastic 3d wave files of submitted recordings. Sound as wearable art. The idea that sound creates these intricate patterns is a bit shocking (more like surprising). I want glasses that would allow me to see people talking as long, dancing patterns from their mouths. Would make long lectures more intriguing. I would like to explore more, especially the scientific side. Also some of it seems like forms of fake entertainment enjoyed on the u.s.s. enterprise.

Exposure moves to Contemplation (Synesthesia) 

I know the textbook definition of Synesthesia. I've been taught it, I've been tested on it, but I have not truly examined it. My reaction or interaction to this week's "readings" is quite different than expected. Although, I will never truly know what living with Synes.... (I'm going to abbreviated as S from now on) is like, I never really wish to. It seems to be intriguing/wonderful in theory. It's easy for us norm humans to think of it as Alice in wonderland like or from the Dorothy perspective of seeing land in color, but in actually I'm starting to see it as cumbersome and a major hindrance. Mr. Daniel Tammet (so hard not to write David Tennant) seems mega smart and encourages my thoughts that I don't wish for permanent S.  Full contemplation of Tammet is a bit beyond my reach. Hypothetically,  if I was given a opportunity for a temporary experience of S. I would most likely except, despite my pessimistic views, just to satisfy my basic human nature.

I put this here because purple Broccoli (or is it Cauliflower?) would have been awesome to 5yr.old me 

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